BestScan® S series are exclusively designed to diagnose horses and on-farm animal such as bovine,ovine,swine. Have many advantage if traditional ultrasound system such as rugged, reliable, and built to cope with the demanding environment of the farm, stable, and veterinary practice, veterinary specific, simple, intuitive, easy to learn but full of fine-tuned features and functions for your immediate and daily point of care ultrasound scanning for iOS mobile smart devices.

Most Cost Effective

BestScan® S Series Vet

  • Cost less than most vet ultrasound
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Traditional Ultrasound

Often more than $3K

High maintenance cost

A Better Choice

Our Best-Scan® S5 Plus,S6 Touch series combines with ENHANCED IMAGE QUALITY a 7 inch LED touch-screen monitor, probe introducers and I-Scan® ultrasound goggles to deliver the workflow and productivity benefits of BMV’s Ultrasound... affordably. And you can upgrade to BMV’s newest software at any time with no replacement or modification of your BestScan® system.

The Best Choice

BestScan® S9 and S10 series (including S9/S10 Linear, SS9 Curve) if your budget allows, go directly to full powerful S10 together purchase our state-of-the art I-Scan® Goggles for on-farm images. Of course, you can purchase the introducers and other accessories to professional your systems.

PadTouch PT60

your versatile veterinary equine ultrasound

An equine ultrasound designed for veterinarians, by veterinarians, PT60 as modern ultrasound scanner with excellent Doppler ultrasonography and high quality imaging for reproductive, muskoskeletal, abdominal, and tendon scanning effortlessly.

PT60 and PT60 mini

A Good Choice

The S4,S5 system meet your most of small and large animal ultrasound needs because these systems featuring premium imagequality considerate design for comfortable, fast and reliable detection of pregnancy.You would simply need to purchase your equipment and very easy to use.


BestScan® S Series Vet Easy to learn for advanced point of care applications Other Ultrasound Long time and money investment.