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Chinese Animal-Health Company Dedicated To Empowering Veterinary Practices.

With BMV, you can choose from a variety of veterinary equipment packages that give you everything you need right from the beginning, or a great deal on the equipment you want for expanding practice.

  • Multi-function Buttons
    1. Zoom 2. Capture/Record 3. Freeze
  • Divided structure
    Compatible with all products
  • 120° Left/Right Rotation
    Relieve fatigue of wrist rotation
  • Video cable with 180° rotation
    Easy operation
  • Simultaneously detect ECG, blood pressure, respiration, blood oxygen, body temperature, blood glucose and end tidal carbon dioxide (optional), and integrate seven parameters;

  • It adopts 5.5-inch 720p high-definition display screen and capacitive touch screen for operation, which is clear and easy to use;

  • BP algorithm was specifically developed for companion animals by experts at a leading vet school.

Fits your everyday ultrasound needs with budgets for starters and experts. Lightweight and portable. Easy to learn and use. Embedded Wi-Fi module with free vet-specific mobile app. Store and review directly on your device.

Rayne Nutrition™

Rayne Nutrition's veterinary exclusive, therapeutic diets have helped tens of thousands of patients in need of a whole food, minimally processed nutrition solution. Rayne's novel protein diets — kangaroo, rabbit, crocodilian, and plant-based protein sources — can help treat patients with adverse reactions to food (dermatologic and gastrointestinal), IBD, pancreatitis, or those in need of a complete and balanced diet for long term maintenance feeding. Rayne's dry and wet diets, as well as their protein-aligned treats, are now available to recommend to clients through the Covetrus Prescription Management Platform.


Modular high-end modular monitor

BVI-11 Vet HD

Veterinary Video Endoscope System

SECURITY™ Premise Disinfectant and Hand Hygiene

Introducing a new line of premise disinfectants that you can rely on to provide safe and effective solutions for preventing disease in animals and the people who serve them. The Covetrus SECURITY line is specifically formulated for veterinary practices, animal care facilities, and animal laboratories.

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